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  • 1. Is my personal information safe?

    In most cases you choose what people can see. You can choose if your phone number is visible to the public via your account settings. We will never show your email anywhere on the website. When someone contacts you via a rental or flatmate wanted listing you will be able to reply directly to them and they will be able to see your email address. Users have a unique username that they setup when creating their account. this is used to identify them on Rooms and Rentals.

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  • 2. How much does it cost to advertise?

    Rooms and Rentals feel that everyone should be able to find an ideal place to stay easily and without fuss.

    You can view our membership plans here. In order to maintain a high standard of content, we ensure all listings are legit and paying a small fee guarantees this.

    It can be tough finding a room or the right rental property to move into, so we hope that we help to make your next move a little more easier.

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  • 1. Can I sign in with my Google Account?

    You can use your existing Google account to sign-in to Rooms and Rentals. This makes the registration process quick and painless. We grab your email address so we can authenticate you on our website. This is the preferred way to sign in.

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  • 1. Can anyone contact me about my rental listing?

    Yes, all contact is free on Rooms and Rentals. Your email address associated with your account is kept private. We send you the message on their behalf so your privacy is kept intact. It is then up to you if you want to pursue the relationship.

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  • 2. How long does my room or rental listing run for?

    For all room available and rental property listings we have set them to run for the standard 21 days after which we will email you before removing the listing.

    Here at Rooms and Rentals we feel it is important to always have listings that are up to date and relevant.

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  • 3. How do I create a listing?

    Once you sign-in Tap on your name in the top right and choose  'Account Settings'. On the right, on PC or scroll to the bottom on Mobile, Here are the membership plan options. Choose the one that best suites you.

    Once a plan has been chosen you can navigate to 'Create New'.

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  • 4. I no longer need my listing, how do I remove it?

    Great to hear you have found what you were looking for!

    It's simple to remove your advert. Start by logging in and open the menu under your name in the top right corner. Choose 'My Listings' and select the listing you want to remove. Click on the 'Edit Listing' When the page loads, navigate to the very bottom and choose "Delete listing'.


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