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New Zealand Tenancy Information

Are you a tenant or landlord renting for the first time? Here is some information about your rights and what you must do under the New Zealand tenancy law (Residential Tenancies Act).

Only sign documents when you’re ready

Read the tenancy agreement carefully (including the standard terms and any conditions) before you sign it. Only sign a tenancy agreement when you’re sure you want the property.

Record the condition of the property

Inspect the property with your landlord. Ask any questions you have and record any damage.


 If you’re looking to rent, or have a property to rent out, there can be a lot to organise and remember. Know that discrimination is illegal. Be aware of your rights and responsibilities

Make the right payments

Find out about making payments for rent and bond.

Charging rent has more information about who is responsible for these costs.
Charging and lodging a bond has more information about who is responsible for these costs.

Get connected

Connect any gas, electricity and phone as needed. If you’re paying for water charges, record the water meter reading on the property inspection report and in the tenancy agreement.

Utilities and other payments has more information about who is responsible for these costs.Attend to the details.

Get all the small-but-important stuff sorted out:

  • get a set of keys
  • find out when rubbish and recycling is collected
  • get your mail redirected by the post office if needed.

Keep records

Get a signed copy of your tenancy agreement, and receipts for any payments you make. Keep them all in a safe place – they may help if there’s a dispute