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What does it cost to advertise on Rooms and Rentals?


You can also make contact with potential new roommates or home owners directly. We believe there shouldn’t be a barrier between you and what you need when it comes to housing matters.

We have also made it super easy to create a listing. If you use Google or Facebook, just click sign in on the top right and follow the Connect buttons.

All people searching can do so for free and make contact for free.



Membership Plans

Free Listings - Limited Time
/ 30 days
1 Listings0 Featured Listings
30 days
12.95 NZD
/ 30 days
4 Listings1 Featured Listings
Rental Agent 3 months
65 NZD
/ 3 months
30 Listings3 Featured Listings
Sell your house
68.50 NZD
/ 6 months
1 Listings1 Featured Listings


More Details

30 days

  • NZ $12.95
  • Membership duration: 30 days
  • Create up to 4 ads
  • x1 featured listing bonus. Shows on the front page

Rental Agent 3 months

  • NZD $65.00
  • Membership duration: 3 months
  • Includes up to 30 listings
  • x3 features property listings. Shows up on the front page

Sell your house

  • NZD $68.50
  • Membership duration: 6 months
  • x1 listing
  • x1 listing feature. Shows up on the front page